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Trumpf Medical Lights

Optimal Lighting for Accurate Work

With innovations such as powerful LED technology, multi-lens matrixes, and adaptive light management, surgical and examination lights by Trumpf Medical allow the surgeon(s) to see better and work with less stress.


  • Consistent light distribution due to the multi-lens matrix
  • Enhanced flexibility through a tiered product portfolio
  • Versatility through adjustable color temperature and active shadow management
  • Automated and sterile control helps to improve ease of use
  • Designed for the OR, ED, Trauma Bay and Exam Room environments

iLED™ 7

The innovative surgical light with automatic light and shadow management to optimize your surgical site offering high user comfort

TruLight™ 5000

The adaptable light with high user comfort for a wide range of uses

TruLight™ 3000

The efficient light with a good price to performance ratio

TruLight™ 1000

The examination light with precise design and high lighting intensity