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TruLight™ 3000 Surgical Light

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TruLight™ 3000 Surgical Light is Trumpf Medical's reliable and flexible solution for typical surgical environments. Combining light performance and efficiency, it is ideal for emergency rooms, trauma, ambulatory centers, or intensive care units.

Advantages at a glance

Adaptive Light

TruLight™ 3000 Surgical Light can manually adapt to three general working distances: Near, Normal, and Far. Within these zones, lighting is optimized thanks to the adaptive light function.

Efficiency and Durability

TruLight™ 3000 Surgical Light’s powerful LED’s emit a high light output while simultaneously producing a small amount of heat, which enables a longer life cycle. TruLight™ 3000 Surgical Light is therefore a reliable and efficient partner in the OR.

Highly Adjustable

The compact design of the two light head sizes allow easy positioning and minimal air turbulence.

Needs-based Communication

The TruLight™ 3000 Surgical Light can be optionally equipped with the TruVidia™ Camera solution, which can also integrate with Trumpf Medical's video system – either in SD or HD quality.

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Technical Data


TruLight 3500

TruLight 3510

TruLight 3300

Illumination level Ec at 1 m (lx)




Pattern size (d10) at 1 m (cm) | (inch)

18 | 7.1"


Pattern size change - distance variation (cm) | (inch)

17 - 25 | 6.7" - 9.8"


Color temperature (K)



Color Rendering Index Ra

max. 93

max. 93

max. 94

Average service life of the LEDs (h)



Adaptive Light Control Plus (ALC Plus)




Sterile Light Control (SLC)




Camera preparation





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