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TruLight™ 5000 Surgical Light

Light For All Applications


TruLight™ 5000 Surgical Light's design makes the light easy to operate and offers flexibility and multiple future options for your hospital. The automatic readjustment of the illumination level in typical working distances, the adjustable color temperature, and the possibility of camera integration all make this light versatile enough for any surgical application.

Advantages at a glance

Fully adjustable

The color temperature adjustment feature ensures optimum contrast and ideal lighting of all tissue areas. The innovative, optical design and ability to adjust the light field diameter ensure a continuous illumination of the surgical site.

Adaptive Light Control Plus (ALC Plus)

The automatic focus feature enables the surgical site to be optimally lit: if the light is moved, the integrated motion detector automatically measures the distance from the site and adjusts the illumination level accordingly.

Sterile Light Control (SLC)

The sterile operating concept on the light through the capacitive sensors in the SLC handle allows the surgical team to have easy access of the primary functions.

Challenging communication

Optionally equip your light with the TruVidia™ camera and monitor solutions and integrate with Trumpf Medical's high-end video system – either in SD, HD, or 3D quality. 

Optimum light output with maximum efficiency

The two-dimensional arrangement of LEDs and convergence lenses optimize light output through an accurate management of light arrays and low power consumption.

Good for the environment

The efficient and durable LED light system minimizes energy consumption, without requiring harmful chemicals, such as mercury.


TruLight 5000: Innovative features for unique illumination comfort

Test the features here to prove it: Just click one of the links above.

SLC - Easily adjustable

The Sterile Light Control (SLC) user concept makes surgical procedures noticeably more comfortable. The fast, intuitive and sterile control of the light intensity is possible thanks to capacitive sensors inside the hand grip thus relieving the medical personnel.

Simply use the mouse to click on the directional buttons to control the light intensity

Comparison TruLight 5000 ALC Plus versus
Regular Surgical Light

TruLight 5000 with ALC Plus
Regular Surgical Light

ALC Plus: Consistently illuminated

Adaptive Light Control Plus (ALC Plus) ensures optimal illumination of the surgical area at all times. If the surgeon moves the light head during surgery the ALC Plus sensor automatically measures the distance to the surgical area and precisely adjusts the illumination accordingly. ALC Plus thus guarantees stable light conditions at any position within a typical working distance.

Simply adjust the working distance via a mouse click on the arrows and experience the difference between a regular surgical light and our lights with ALC Plus functionality.

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Technical Data


TruLight 5500

TruLight 5510

TruLight 5520

TruLight 5300

TruLight 5310

TruLight 5320

Illumination level Ec at 1 m (lx)



Pattern size (d10) at 1 m (cm) | (inch)

16 - 23 | 6,3" - 9"


Pattern size change -  distance variation (cm) | (inch)

16 - 30 | 6.3" - 11.8"


Color temperature (K)


Color Rendering Index Ra

max. 96


Average service life of the LEDs(h)


Adaptive Light Control Plus (ALC Plus)







Sterile Light Control (SLC)






Camera preparation







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