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TruVidia™ 3D-Camera

Premium Camera Solution in 3D with Full-HD Quality


The standard model of TruVidia™ 3D-Camera comes with all the innovative functions of 3D systems, while also being able to transmit 2D images, and create and save HD video data. Digital live transmission to local networks and the Internet are also available options.

Advantages at a glance

Impressive 3D Image Quality

TruVidia® 3D-Camera offers modern 3D technology to graphically display the surgical site. This provides a noticeable benefit in the fields of documentation, teaching and consulting.

Integrated Routing Functionality

Alongside its impressive image quality, each TruVidia® 3D-Camera provides a basic routing function. The available image sources can be distributed to connected monitors – including source preview.

Latest 3G-SDI Technology

With the latest 3G-SDI technology, TruVidia® 3D-Camera allows even easier and more reliable transmission of high resolution video data in 1080p. Unlike conventional transmission types, data can be transmitted across greater distances.

Realistic and Detailed Images

See every detail with the latest video technology on TruVidia® 3D-Camera's flicker-free screen. Automatic synchronization of color temperature between the surgical light, camera and monitor ensure a realistic color rendering.

Local and Global Live Streaming

Digital streaming allows live transmissions from the operating room through existing network infrastructures – to the local lecture hall or to a another surgeon across the globe.

Fast and Flexible Data Storage

TruVidia® 3D-Camera allows you to save snapshots or video sequences via a USB 2.0 interface for offline use after surgery.

Compatible with TruVidia® HD and TruVidia® SD Camera Interface

TruVidia® 3D-Camera can be used with conventional TruVidia® Camera connections on Trumpf Medical OR lights. This enables you to easily equip existing installations.


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