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TruSystem® 7500 Hybrid OR Table

Enhanced Visibility with Integrated Imaging Equipment


The TruSystem® 7500 Hybrid OR System Table can be used with the latest angiography systems and also be used in combination with intraoperative CTs and MRIs - helping to increase the flexibility within your OR.  

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Safe patient transfer and optimized workflow – The TruSystem® 7500 Surgical Tabletop can be easily exchanged with the patient on it by support of (motorized) shuttle within the surgical suite.
  • Clear sight and exceptional imaging performance with the special Carbon FloatLine tabletop – This free-floating tabletop offers easy use and up to 2.1 m radiolucent area, even in Trendelenburg positon. As well as, a wide range of additional carbon accessories for different disciplines and applications (TAVI, AAA, Coiling, Clipping, spinal fusion or brain tumor resections).
  • Easy working environment through integration with the imaging devices and feedback messages for the user.

Advantages at a glance

Ideal for Cardiovascular Surgery

Rapid speed of adjustment, of up to 7 inches (185 mm) / sec.

Convenient to Operate

Free-floating movement via sensor technology is possible, even in the Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg position

Ideal for Neurosurgery

3D radiolucent headrest adapter and skull clamp 

SQ14 Extra Tabletop

Flexible beach chair positioning in neurosurgery, along with X-Y adjustment option

Ideal for Spinal Surgery

Extended imaging range and positioning components allow for a multitude of imaging platforms

Ideal for Trauma and Orthopedics

An imaging range of 6.9 ft. (2.10 m) provides an ideal platform for entire body diagnosis. 


Technical Data


TruSystem® 7500 Hybrid (MC) – Mobile Column

TruSystem® 7500 Hybrid (SC) – Stationary Column

TruSystem® 7500 Hybrid (FC) – Floor Mounted Column

Maximum Load

880 lbs (400 kg)

Height Adjustment


  • Mobile Column

20.1 in – 41.7 in (510 mm – 1,060 mm)

  • Stationary Column

19.3 in – 40.9 in (490 mm – 1,040 mm)


  • Floor Mounted Column

20.5 in – 42.1 in (520 mm – 1,070 mm)


21.7 in (550 mm)

Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg

± 45°


± 30°

Rotation Stationary Column





Carbon Tabletops

Carbon FloatLine™

Carbon X-TRA™ 7500

Carbon X-TRA™ 7500 short


Maximum Load


  • Carbon FloatLine™

496 lbs (225 kg)

  • Carbon X-TRA™ 7500/ short/ SQ14 X-TRA™

397 lbs (180 kg)

Longitudinal Slide


  • Carbon FloatLine™

31.4 in (800 mm) with Stationary or Floor Mounted Column

25.6 in (650 mm) with Mobile Column

  • Carbon X-TRA™ 7500/ short

17.9 in (455 mm)

  • SQ14 X-TRA™

13.8 in (350 mm)

Transversal Slide


  • Carbon FloatLine™

9.8 in (250 mm) / (125 mm to the left or right from zero position)

  • Carbon X-TRA™ 7500/ short

6.7 in (170 mm)

  • SQ14 X-TRA™

6.9 in (176 mm)

Adjustment Range of Leg Section Joints SQ14 X-TRA™

± 90°

Adjustment of Lower Back Section Joints SQ

± 90°


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