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TruPort® Booms

Flexibility Has Never Been Easier


Due to its highly flexible, modular design, the ceiling-mounted TruPort® Boom offers convenience in the OR, ICU and other departments across the hospital.

Simple, ergonomic, and safe. All low-voltage, electrical, and medical gas modules can be interchanged at any time - even after installation.

Advantages at a glance

TruPort® Horizontal Boom: Freedom of Movement

The reliable modularity of the TruPort® Boom in a space-saving design makes the TruPort® Horizontal Boom an ideal solution for the anesthesia, perfusion, or utility workstations.  When positioned directly above the anesthesia machine, this solution provides more freedom of movement in the OR and enables efficient workflow. 

Reconfigure with Ease

The modular design simplifies the overall arrangement and selection of service modules, such as gas and electric. Even after installation, these modules can be quickly and easily repositioned by your biomedical engineers or facilities group.

Surfaces Designed with Cleanability in Mind

Custom shaped, overlapping silicone gaskets provide a barrier to help keep foreign matter out of the recessed Mounting Power Communication (MPC) rail system. 

Intelligent Interface

The patented MPC rail, integrated into the support head, is the TruPort® Boom's mounting and communications control center.  When attached to the rail, select components are supplied with low-voltage power.  

Redefined Configurability

The unique Quick Connect mechanism provides straightforward, tool-free attachment of a wide range of components and accessories including shelves and drawers of various widths and depths. 

Practical Usability

TruPort® Booms have spring-loaded, flush drawers with no exterior handles, making them easy to use and clean. 

Ergonomic Operation

Operating controls on the support head and the color-coded brake system enable personnel to ergonomically and intuitively position TruPort® Booms, regardless of physical stature.

Easy to Position

With its small footprint and long reach arms, TruPort® Booms can be easily moved to any position or parked out of the way. A dock-on trolley equipment carrier is also available.

Product video



Technical Data



Additional Options 

Support Arms



  • Support Arm Reach Single Arm System

Up to 51" (1,300 mm)


  • Support Arm Reach Dual Arm System

Up to 102"  (2,600 mm)


  • Brake System

Electro-pneumatic brake system or Friction Pneumatic 

Electro-magnetic brake system

  • Ceiling Attachment

Standard: Suspended ceiling clearance up to 59" (1,500 mm)

Special version: Suspended
ceiling clearance up to 98.4" (2,500 mm)


  • Height Adjustment



  • Max. Load

Up to 750 lbs (340 kg)


  • Swivel Range

330° on all joints, stoppers configurable every 12°


  • Color

RAL 9002, anodized aluminium


Height Adjustable Arm (Optional)



  • Arm Reach

39.4" (1,000 mm)


  • Max. Height Adjustment

27.6" (700 mm)


  • Lift Speed

1.2"/s (30 mm/s)


Support Head




12" x 12"  (310 mm x 310 mm)



Horiztonal: 500 mm & 750 mm 

Vertical: 500 mm, 750 mm, 1000 mm, 1250 mm, & 1500 mm

*Trumpf Medical designers to assist with size selection


Supply Modules Flexibility



  • Data Module Reorganization



  • Gas Module Reorganization



  • Electric Power Module Reorganization



Workplace Components



  • Tool-free Mounting with Quick Connect mechanism


Electronic (Low Voltage) components

  • AmbientLine 


AmbientLine Drawer Light

Shelfs and Drawers



  • Load Capacity Heavy Load Shelf

176 lbs (80 kg)


  • Shelf Dimensions (WxD)

430 mm x 260 mm
430 mm x 480 mm
530 mm x 480 mm
630 mm x 480 mm
730 mm x 480 mm

Depth Extension Kit 2.8" (70 mm)

Payload of Platform with Extension Max. 110 lbs. (50 kg)

  • Number of Drawers per Shelf

Max. 4 - Spring Loaded, Touch Activated



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