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iLED® 7 Surgical Light:

The World in a New Light


With the latest 3D sensor technology, the light pattern size and intensity of the iLED® 7 Surgical Light remain consistent regardless of the distance between the light and the surgical site or the position of staff under the light.

The iLED® 7 Surgical Light can be operated using the touch-screen wall control panel or directly from the sterile light handle.

One light – many options.

Advantages at a glance


The iLED® 7 Surgical Light's 3D sensor system provides consistent lighting conditions and helps eliminate unwanted shadows, even when the surgeon is working directly beneath the light head.  The system identifies obstacles in the illuminated field and activates or deactivates individual modules, accordingly.  This allows surgeons to concentrate on their work, while the light focuses on the surgical site. 


The light quality and brightness of the iLED® 7 Surgical Light remains consistent at different working distances, color temperatures, and light field sizes without the need to be manually readjusted.


Once the surgeon has selected the pattern size (6", 8" or 10"), the light head automatically maintains that size throughout the procedure, at any typical working distance. 


All light heads are camera ready.  The flexible interface allows the light head to be fitted with your choice of standard, disposable, camera, or sterile light control handle - enabling you to upgrade at any time. 


The iLED® 7 Surgical Light uses an intuitive touchscreen interface to adjust features of the light before or during the surgical case.  A sterile handle option is available for surgeon control. 


The slim, compact design of the iLED® 7 Surgical Light is ideal for conventional or laminar airflow systems.  The rounded edges and smooth surfaces make it easy to clean, and the lightweight materials support and simplify positioning. 

Camera: Brilliant Image, Wireless Transmission

The iLED® 7 Surgical Light can be directly connected to the innovative TruVidia® Wireless Camera System via the handle.  With TruVidia® Wireless Camera technology, your procedures can be vividly presented in full HD and securely transmitted in an encrypted format.  The ability to upgrade this system eliminates the need for complex video cabling and additional cost.  More detailed information can be found here.

Product video


Technical Data

Illumination level Ec in 1m (lx) 160,000
Pattern size (d10) at 1 m (cm) | (inch) 16 – 25 | 6.3” – 9.8”
Pattern size constant over working distance Standard (31" to 51")
Color temperature (K) 3,500 / 4,000 / 4,500 / 5,000
Color Rendering Index Ra max. 97
Average service life of the LEDs (h) 60,000
Adaptive Light Control Plus (ALC Plus) Standard
Sterile Light Control (SLC) optional
Active light management Standard
Camera preparation Standard
*Values are subject to change                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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